How do I secure my block ?

When you have chosen a block you should place a $2,000.00 holding deposit in our trust account. We will then arrange for your block to be temporarily taken off the market, prepare Sales Instructions and send copies of the Contracts to your solicitor/conveyancer. You will need to go through your copy of the Contract with your solicitor/conveyancer and then, when you are satisfied, you will be required to sign the contract. We will be expecting an exchange of contracts within three weeks of the issue of the Sales Instructions. A 5% deposit will be required at the time of exchange of contracts. This can be a personal cheque, bank cheque or deposit bond.

When do I have to pay the balance?

The balance of the purchase price will be due when the subdivision of the stage being released is fully completed and registered as per contract. 14 days notice will be issued at that point to complete contract and settle.

When will my block be available?

For Stage 1 – initial timeframes are aiming for February / March 2019. Please refer to the Special Conditions in the contract.

When can I start building?

You can start building as soon as settlement takes place or leave your block vacant until you are ready to start. There will be no time restrictions on your building your new home once settlement has taken place.

Can you provide an architect?

You can use your own architect or use GEC Design.

Can you recommend a builder?

You can use your own builder or use Ozy Homes.

When is Civil Works due to start?

Civil Works has already commenced and weather permitting, work will be scheduled to be completed January 2019.

What services will be available to the blocks?

There will be underground power, water, sewer, telephone lines and full kerb and gutters to each of the blocks.

Can I build a granny flat (secondary dwelling) on my lot?

Most lots can have secondary dwelling based on design. Please check with local council and the Architect.


For any further questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact Roy from GPS Project Marketing on 1300 558 001 or 0414 622 422.